my first time: bethel healing rooms

This morning I went to the Bethel Healing Room (after my little ‘fiasco’ with the protein shake and vomiting). What happens is
you fill out a form about yourself and the type of physical healing you need. Then you are led to the hallway where 1-2 “prayer servants” immediately begin to share testimonies that stir up your faith and expectation, give words of knowledge about sicknesses, and heal people.

After that, your group is then led to the “ENCOUNTERING THE HEALER” room, where a teacher gives a short message about the character and heart of God as Healer, how He is a good Father who does not use sickness or disease to discipline His children (just like we would never do that to our own children), how it doesn’t matter what the cause of the sickness or disease was (whether self-inflicted or not) because it’s not about what we did but what Jesus has already done, and how NOW is the time of our salvation (e.g. healing, restoration, wholeness) not tomorrow or in five years, but now.

Then, everyone is led into the main “ENCOUNTER” room, which is the main sanctuary. There is live worship, painting, dancing and a testimony booth. Chairs are arranged in a creative, swirly fashion all around the room (not in rows), centered around the painters in the middle. Very artistic.

You’re encouraged to relax, soak and receive as prayer servants come over to you, look at your form to see what type of physical healing you need, and declare God’s healing over you. Singers sing prophetically, sometimes calling out specific sicknesses and diseases that God wants to heal in the room.

Once you have received prayer, you are encouraged to go to the “Great Room” to receive a message on “HOW TO STEWARD YOUR HEALING: WALKING IN DIVINE HEALTH.” Our teacher (she is 75 years old) was so flamboyant, cheerful and lively, it felt more like an interactive story play than a sermon.

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bad stuff goes out!

This morning, I woke up feeling really weak. I thought, “I have got to get some protein into my system!” So I went downstairs and shook up a cup of protein powder mixed in water. Slowly, I drank it down, sip by sip. After a few minutes, the nausea got worse, and I felt like throwing up.

I knelt down on the floor and began to pray and read the Bible, hoping the discomfort would go away. I commanded the nausea to leave in Jesus’ Name. But the feeling kept coming up. Eventually, I went to my bathroom and got down on my knees beside the toilet, with my head placed over the bowl ready to vomit at any minute.

Suddenly, I felt so lonely and homesick. I imagined if 媽媽 was here, how she would soothe me and bring comfort to me.

I was about to cry when the vomit came out. It was just brown water–the protein shake I had just drank. I hadn’t ingested much these past few days because of the Fast. But the water came out once, twice, three times.

Finally, when it was all done, I sat down and felt so much better. It’s a spiritual lesson too: Better to get the bad stuff out, than to hold it in and just try to ignore it. Eventually it comes out anyways.

Well, Good morning! 🙂 I’ve learned it’s better not to drink a protein shake (with just water) on an empty stomach. Now, time to go to the Bethel Healing Room!