bad stuff goes out!

This morning, I woke up feeling really weak. I thought, “I have got to get some protein into my system!” So I went downstairs and shook up a cup of protein powder mixed in water. Slowly, I drank it down, sip by sip. After a few minutes, the nausea got worse, and I felt like throwing up.

I knelt down on the floor and began to pray and read the Bible, hoping the discomfort would go away. I commanded the nausea to leave in Jesus’ Name. But the feeling kept coming up. Eventually, I went to my bathroom and got down on my knees beside the toilet, with my head placed over the bowl ready to vomit at any minute.

Suddenly, I felt so lonely and homesick. I imagined if 媽媽 was here, how she would soothe me and bring comfort to me.

I was about to cry when the vomit came out. It was just brown water–the protein shake I had just drank. I hadn’t ingested much these past few days because of the Fast. But the water came out once, twice, three times.

Finally, when it was all done, I sat down and felt so much better. It’s a spiritual lesson too: Better to get the bad stuff out, than to hold it in and just try to ignore it. Eventually it comes out anyways.

Well, Good morning! 🙂 I’ve learned it’s better not to drink a protein shake (with just water) on an empty stomach. Now, time to go to the Bethel Healing Room!

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