my first time: bethel healing rooms

This morning I went to the Bethel Healing Room (after my little ‘fiasco’ with the protein shake and vomiting). What happens is
you fill out a form about yourself and the type of physical healing you need. Then you are led to the hallway where 1-2 “prayer servants” immediately begin to share testimonies that stir up your faith and expectation, give words of knowledge about sicknesses, and heal people.

After that, your group is then led to the “ENCOUNTERING THE HEALER” room, where a teacher gives a short message about the character and heart of God as Healer, how He is a good Father who does not use sickness or disease to discipline His children (just like we would never do that to our own children), how it doesn’t matter what the cause of the sickness or disease was (whether self-inflicted or not) because it’s not about what we did but what Jesus has already done, and how NOW is the time of our salvation (e.g. healing, restoration, wholeness) not tomorrow or in five years, but now.

Then, everyone is led into the main “ENCOUNTER” room, which is the main sanctuary. There is live worship, painting, dancing and a testimony booth. Chairs are arranged in a creative, swirly fashion all around the room (not in rows), centered around the painters in the middle. Very artistic.

You’re encouraged to relax, soak and receive as prayer servants come over to you, look at your form to see what type of physical healing you need, and declare God’s healing over you. Singers sing prophetically, sometimes calling out specific sicknesses and diseases that God wants to heal in the room.

Once you have received prayer, you are encouraged to go to the “Great Room” to receive a message on “HOW TO STEWARD YOUR HEALING: WALKING IN DIVINE HEALTH.” Our teacher (she is 75 years old) was so flamboyant, cheerful and lively, it felt more like an interactive story play than a sermon.

A few quotes from that class:

 God’s Good and Pleasing and Perfect Will (Romans 12:2) for us and this world is Wholeness ~ restoration to His original design and the re-invasion of the Kingdom of Heaven into all the kingdoms of this world.

[How do I view the world around me?] I am an Open Heaven; I am a walking Revival; I bring the Kingdom of God into every place I go; My light dispels the darkness around me; Hope overcomes discouragement; Love overcomes fear.

In His kingdom there is no death, and the new creation comes from imperishable seed, a seed that “lives and abides forever.” (1 Peter 1:22-24) There is no death in that seed. Because of this truth, we are not subject to death, “for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:2) We do not have to slowly die, our bodies do not have to give out as we get older. We have access to Grace that keeps us vital and healthy.

[Jesus] purchased redemption for our bodies as much as for our spirits and souls.

Thankfulness is the response of the heart and the key to increase.

If I focus on the amount of pain or sickness that is still felt, I magnify what I perceive God has NOT done yet, rather than magnifying what I know He HAS done. As I thank Him for what He HAS done, I begin to experience an increase in relief, and we are finding that the more we thank Him, the more our experience of His healing Grace increases.

Health is a free gift to all His children; like Salvation, we can choose to receive it & walk in it.

I will not let the return of any symptoms bring fear, but will resist them with the Truth that God HAS healed me.

You know what? I used to think I was childlike. But coming here to Bethel, I realize there is still a lot I need to learn on this journey ahead of me about what it truly means to be a “childlike” daughter of the King, and that includes: receiving Grace, knowing my Identity, responding to all things with Thanksgiving, and living in divine Health in body, soul, mind and spirit.

When asked if I’d rather be a child or an adult, I’ve always said I’d rather be a child forever. Well, being a citizen of the Kingdom, that’s what I get to do! Woohoo! 😀

He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
Mark 10:14

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