dare to be a flamingo

This Wednesday morning during revival group, Angela West (our revival group pastor) led us to do some very powerful prophetic acts. The first one was a prophetic act of “drawing a line in the sand” as we renounced lies that we believed and declared the truth. We literally drew a line in the pile of sand they brought in and stepped over it–as a prophetic act that we no longer had anything to do with these lies and were now stepping into freedom. When I went up I declared (choking back tears), “I renounce the lie that I am not righteous but that I must earn my righteousness; and I renounce the lie that when I don’t measure up, I need to punish myself.” Streams rolling down my face, I stepped over the line–out of lie and into freedom.

The next prophetic act involved two tarps Velcro-ed together and held upright. One person who had breakthrough in a certain area would briefly share his testimony, prophesy freedom, and then those who still needed breakthrough in that area would each, one-by-one, run through the two tarps, thus tearing them apart–as a prophetic act of “breakthrough.” There were multiple issues called out, and I went up for my breakthrough in nearly all of them, particularly Food addiction/body image, Sexual Purity/Self-control, and Fear. It was amazing getting my breakthroughs. I believe with all my heart that by running through those tarps… I received my breakthrough in these areas that I’ve struggled with for so long. I am a free man!

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