dare to be a flamingo

This Wednesday morning during revival group, Angela West (our revival group pastor) led us to do some very powerful prophetic acts. The first one was a prophetic act of “drawing a line in the sand” as we renounced lies that we believed and declared the truth. We literally drew a line in the pile of sand they brought in and stepped over it–as a prophetic act that we no longer had anything to do with these lies and were now stepping into freedom. When I went up I declared (choking back tears), “I renounce the lie that I am not righteous but that I must earn my righteousness; and I renounce the lie that when I don’t measure up, I need to punish myself.” Streams rolling down my face, I stepped over the line–out of lie and into freedom.

The next prophetic act involved two tarps Velcro-ed together and held upright. One person who had breakthrough in a certain area would briefly share his testimony, prophesy freedom, and then those who still needed breakthrough in that area would each, one-by-one, run through the two tarps, thus tearing them apart–as a prophetic act of “breakthrough.” There were multiple issues called out, and I went up for my breakthrough in nearly all of them, particularly Food addiction/body image, Sexual Purity/Self-control, and Fear. It was amazing getting my breakthroughs. I believe with all my heart that by running through those tarps… I received my breakthrough in these areas that I’ve struggled with for so long. I am a free man!

Along the same lines, today Christ Overstreet shared a message also about how unhelpful and damaging it is to compare ourselves with others. He said, “Don’t you dare give yourself a hard time!” I knew the Spirit was speaking to me. Although I believe I had already “drawn a line in the sand” that I would no longer punish myself for not measuring up, I knew I had to receive more revelation on this issue, so after service I asked Christ Overstreet to pray for me on the issue of comparison. While praying for me, he also said, “God will use you to help other women stop comparing themselves to other people.

When I heard that, I immediately felt an ‘Amen’ in my spirit. In February this year another prophet also gave me a similar word. He said, “Fear of man is an issue you struggle with. Obviously you’re not the only one, but it’s something that really bothers you. Let God teach you how to walk in the kind of freedom, where you are very sensitive to what other people might think, that you’re wise to think about what people might do, but those things don’t determine whether or not you obey God. And I think this is going to be a lifelong theme that you’ll be able to proclaim. You’re going to teach other ladies of your generation how the fear of man operates and how to walk in freedom.

This week God has been unraveling two strands in my life. The first one is what I just uncovered: that God is setting me free from sin and shame, so that I walk into my calling and destiny, which is the second strand that He’s begun to unfold to me. God knew that I needed both strands (freedom and destiny) to be unraveled in order to truly walk in the power of this revelation.

The second strand:

This past Monday morning we had our first core group meeting. During the meeting we played a prophetic game, during which one of the guys (Joseph) chose to do a prophetic dance over someone. I had a feeling he would pick me and–lo and behold–he did. For his prophetic dance, he slowly circled around me posing as a crane (bird), and then he interpreted it saying, “Melody, I see you like a crane, actually like a flamingo. Flamingos and big and pink and exotic. I think you are like that. And in the past, people used to place flamingos out in their front yard to be seen. I think God is going to place you out in the front, before crowds, to be seen.” After he finished, Maria added, “I just heard, you’re ready. You are already ready for that.”

Also, this afternoon, Jeremy prophesied over me saying, “I see you like an ice skater, the professional ice skaters who perform in front of people. There are many elements to the dance–music, visual, movement, costume, etc.–but you are able to combine all of these elements very well into one beautiful synchronized performance. I think it relates to your spiritual life as well as your actual talents and that God will give you a safe platform to express them this year.”

So I feel like God is saying something to me. First, revealing the “flamingo” inside of me and then revealing the hidden chains that had been keeping me in bondage. I needed both revelations in order to feel the full impact. And now, I find myself often reminding myself, “I am righteous! I have the righteousness of Christ! I will NOT punish myself! I have self-control! And I am free!”

It’s a liberation. And I anticipate the day when I walk into full freedom–not just for myself but for my generation, for all the women out there who compare themselves with others day in and day out, always feeling inadequate even after God has told them how special they are. It is time for the flamingos to step out! Dare to truly believe in His Word! Dare to be who we really are! Amen! 😀

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  1. Dear Melody,
    I am so thrilled for your breakthroughs, and believe more is to come! So so proud of you!!=)


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