My Italy Mission Trip – A Journey Into the Creative Heart of God

It’s been nearly two months since my Italy mission trip. As I look back, I am overcome by the goodness of God and I remember why I marked it as one of the greatest highlights of my year on the BSSM end-of-the-year survey form. So many stories. So many testimonies. So many glimpses into the wonderful and redemptive heart of God.

Before I reminisce all that happened on this trip, I want to give thanks to everyone who supported me financially to go. Your support means so much to me. May this account give you much encouragement and inspiration that the seed you planted was not in vain, and there is life sprouting from your sacrifice even now 6,000 miles away from sunny California in the beautiful country of Italy.

First of all, Italy is one of the most influential and catalytic centers of culture and creativity in the entire world. Throughout history, we’ve seen the stretch of its ambition and power. Rome is the home of the Catholic Church and the birthing place of many different cultures and nations. Today, art and fashion is still the dominant language of the Italian people, and one can see clearly the spirit of innovation and excellence that they carry in so many realms of their community and culture.

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