Gold Nuggets of Leadership: Passion, Perseverance & Purpose

At BSSM, there are two types of classes: General classes that everyone takes together (e.g. Bible, Core Values) and Elective classes (called AMT’s) that are for a smaller class size. For my first semester, I chose to take an AMT called “Preparation for Leadership” taught by Olivia Shupe, who is an author and teacher. She also wrote the book “Renaissance Kids” about raising kids who are equipped and prepared to thrive and not just survive in today’s culture.

I looked forward to each session and probably took seven pages of notes on average during each class. The gold nuggets Shupe shared with us were so precious and relevant that I couldn’t help but try to write down every single word she spoke in class. Today I’d like to share some of these gold nuggets with you! Of course, these are not Shupe’s exact words, but rather a paraphrase of the main ideas, along with some really great quotes, that were shared in this class.

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