City Service – Sowing Seeds of Salvation & the Father’s Love

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Two weeks ago, on a Thursday afternoon, I went with my city service Interactive Arts group to Spoon Me, a frozen yogurt store in downtown Redding, to bless the community with creative arts, e.g. art, face painting, balloons, and music. We set up a table outside of the store and started making arts and balloons. As the sun began to go down, we still hadn’t talked to many people yet. It was chilly outside, and few people had walked past our table.

I had been sitting down most of the time making signs for the table: “Free Balloons!” “Free Art!” When I was done with that, I decided to make one more sign. On the paper, I wrote in beautiful letters, “May I sing a song for you?” and decorated it with musical notes and treble clefs.

Earlier that afternoon, before we had headed out into the community, our group had gathered together to pray and share one thing that each of us wanted to be “activated” in that day, i.e. something we would challenge ourselves to do that would be outside of our comfort zones. I shared with the group, “I want to step out and sing over someone.” I added, “I also want to serve them in a way that really makes them feel special, because it’s not about me. It’s all about showing them God’s love.”

Having finished my new sign, with the words “May I sing a song for you?” printed on it, I got up from the table and decided I would hold it out in front of me and flash it in front of every person who passed by. No one walked by, but I noticed two men standing about half a block away from me. They were smoking in front of a bar.

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[Special Thanksgiving Post] Song Diary: Tender Heart


This Thanksgiving, I want to share a special post on a special song that I think suits the Thanksgiving spirit, “Tender Heart” (aka “Thank You For Loving Me”). This post will be the first of my “Song Diary” Series, in which I will share the stories behind songs I have written.

I love how songs are capable of speaking to each person’s heart in such a personal way, regardless of how unique each person’s story is. Often, it is the mystery in the lyrics that lend to this effect. Each person is able to make their own interpretations of the lyrics to fit their own personal story. It becomes theirs, in that sense.

At the same time, I also appreciate learning about a song’s background story, e.g. who or what inspired the song, why did the composer write it this way, what does that line mean, etc. It is like taking off your sunglasses for the first time and seeing the world as it really is. You notice details and colors that you weren’t able to see before. The background story gives you a glimpse into the heart of the composer and reveals a whole new dimension of the song that you may not have appreciated previously.

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Introduction to My Weekly Blog


I have decided to start writing regularly, setting apart time every week to focus on chronicling the experiences and lessons I’ve received from school, relationships and life. In the last two years, I’ve received a number of prophetic words about writing outlines and books. Therefore, I’ve decided the best way to steward these words is to take the first step and actually start writing, i.e. putting my ideas out there in word-form and practicing the art of writing, even if it is messy to begin with. Everything is messy to begin with. That’s why God thought to encourage us with this verse, “Don’t despise the days of small beginnings.” (Zechariah 4:10)

This is vulnerable for me, in some sorts. In the last few posts, I’ve written more about ministry trips and class notes than I have about my own inward journey. Yes, there was that vulnerable summer post I wrote a few months ago about my journey back to Bethel, but besides that I haven’t written much about my personal journey. Continue reading Introduction to My Weekly Blog

Day 6 in Switzerland: Intimacy & Healing

Wednesday, October 28th


We had a luncheon and creativity seminar for pastors from around the area. Cydney and I arrived earlier with our hosts, so I began to play on the keys and we worshiped for about half an hour as people arrived. When Cindy found out that I played keys and sang, she asked me to lead worship. So I led worship for the first time on this trip. It was a simple set, just me on the keys, but it was so enjoyable. There wasn’t much time to prepare, but I felt great peace as we pressed into the Presence of God.

Worship is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. When I’m on the keys and singing, I feel God’s presence so close. I remember someone once prophesied over me saying, “Your piano is your prayer room.” I’ve found it to be true. Each of us connects to God differently. I’ve discovered that the easiest way for me to connect with God is through worship, especially when I’m sitting at a piano. For some reason, whenever I play the piano and worship, I feel elevated to an otherworldly reality; my spirit is transported to heaven and His presence becomes tangible. Truth becomes so much easier to grasp, and eternity no longer seems so far away.

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Day 5 in Switzerland: Art Touches the Heart

Tuesday, October 27th


On Tuesday morning, the girls on the team—Theresa, Cydney, and I—went to Oron to minister at a women’s ministry meeting called Ladies First. During the ministry time, Theresa put me in charge of the prophetic singing booth. I ended up singing prophetically over 10-15 ladies, one after another. Cydney asked me later if I was tired from singing so much. I answered, “No. It blesses me to bless other people.” Each woman seemed so impacted and encouraged by the prophetic song.

Through this experience, I realized all the more just how powerful music is, because music doesn’t just land in the mind; it cuts straight to the heart. I can say and pray the exact same words, but when sung, they carry so much more weight and anointing. I’ve become a firm believer of this.

Even after retuning from this trip, this past Sunday at service, I sang over someone in the ministry line. Then on Monday night, my home group leaders asked me to sing prophetically over two people who had knee pain. Both times, people said that they could feel the peace and presence of God. I feel like it’s become a part of me now, a tool that that I can reach for any time I want, because I exercised it so much during this ministry trip. Praise God for opportunities to be stretched!

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