Day 1 in Switzerland: Beauty Unveiled

After a long day of travel and a few days of rest, I am ready to tell the story of our Switzerland adventure.

This ministry trip was a gift from God. Our team consisted of Theresa Dedmon (overseer of the Creative Arts Department at Bethel), Ryan Hicks (Theresa’s PA), Cydney Galbraith (also 2nd year student), and Conan Head (“unanchored” lover of God).

From left to right: Conan, Melody, Ama, Michelle, Theresa, Ryan, Pastor Pierre, Cydney
From left to right: Conan, Melody, Ama, Michelle, Theresa, Ryan, Pastor Pierre, Cydney

We ministered in the French-speaking part of Swizterland, mainly in the cities of Vevey, Oron and Aubonne, and got to spend time in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich as well. We hosted creativity conferences, seminars, outreaches and prophetic ministry sessions for the churches there. In addition, we were able to tour and bless the United Nations Office in Geneva with a song I wrote for the UN—but more on that later.

This was my first ministry trip in second year of BSSM. Thank you to all of my generous donors who supported me financially to go— Andrew, Richard, Lisa, Jackie, Dad, and an anonymous donor. May this account bless your heart, knowing that your seeds have been planted in soil on the other side of the world, bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God. You all are such a blessing to me and to the Kingdom!

(I decided to split up my account into separate posts, instead of overwhelming you with one super long post, so I’ll be posting one everyday for the next five days.) In a chronological order, here are my main highlights from the last week and half that we got to spend in the most amazing and beautiful country of Suisse (Switzerland).

Friday, October 23rd


We arrived in Zurich the previous night and drove 3 hours to this beautiful city on the southern part of Switzerland. Vevey is right on the edge of Lake Geneva (or as the Swiss like to call it, Lac Léman, because technically it doesn’t belong to Geneva) and looks ahead at the Alps. The mountains we see here belong to France, and you can even see some small French villages resting at the foot of the Alps on the other side of the lake. The Avion factory is just on the other side too—the tap is drinkable here, and it’s partly Avion water!

The view from our balcony where we stayed
The view from our balcony where we stayed

alps alps beautiful view

I was able to enjoy my morning devotions and prayer time with this incredible view, breathing in the crisp, vineyard-scented air. God reveals Himself primarily through two books: The Bible & the Book of Nature. You have no idea how evident the beauty and glory of God is in Nature until you come to a place like this. How can anyone deny His existence? Creation is the most beautiful and intricate masterpiece known to man, created by a Master Artist, and we get the awesome privilege to enjoy the Art and the Artist, inasmuch as we desire to seek Him out.

vineyards vineyards2


In the afternoon, we walked along the lakeshore of Lac Léman, scouting out the area for our outreach the next day.

lakeside walking lakeside walking 2

While we were walking, Theresa noticed a man with his arm in a cast. She stopped to talk to him and then asked if she could pray for his arm. “I have seen many people healed of pain and sickness before. Could I pray for your arm to be healed?” He consented, and she laid her hand on the cast. He and his family seemed very blessed and encouraged.

I was too. It was inspiring and motivating to see my leader in action and on the field, mainly, practicing what she preached.

This is one of the greatest advantages, I think, of traveling on a ministry trip with a small team. You really get to stay close with your leader and observe how they do life. With Theresa, I was really able to see the way she carried the Kingdom, in arts and in the prophetic, wherever she went. It didn’t remain behind the closed doors of a church. It went where she went, because we are the church.


On Friday night, we had our first creativity seminar at Paroisse réformée de Corsier-Corseaux, Pastor Pierre Bader’s church.

corsier church outside2 corsier church creative seminar @ corsier

During worship, Conan painted a picture of a dam breaking, for which I wrote a short poem, about experiencing God’s freedom, to go along with it. During Theresa’s sermon, she had all the painters and writers present their art and give them away to people in the congregation. The young man whom Conan chose to give his painting to was visibly moved by the painting and prophetic word. He seemed surprised and had tears in his eyes.

Later, we found out that he was the younger brother of Naomi, one of the worship leaders, and she told us, everything we said was exactly what he was going through recently, i.e. the dam was breaking and God was shifting things in this young man’s life. It was a powerful example of how art can impact people’s hearts and bring them into an encounter with God’s love.

Conan painting during worship the picture of a dam breaking
Conan painting during worship the picture of a dam breaking

In the middle of her message, Theresa invited me to come up and demonstrate prophetic singing. It was my first time releasing a prophetic song acapella and not in the context of worship. In that moment, I tapped into the faith I needed to overcome fear, because I had made a decision before coming on this ministry trip that I would allow myself to be challenged and stretched. After all, I was with Theresa Dedmon! She is well known for challenging her students to step out of their comfort zone. I remembered the “Yes” in my spirit, and that was enough for God to use me. With this in mind, I released a prophetic song from the Father’s heart.

If this were me a few years ago, I would have been trembling in my boots. Heart rate would have skyrocketed, and lists of excuses would have been racing through my head of why I should be scared to do this and why I should allow fear to paralyze me.

Instead, I felt fine and perfectly at peace. I realized, there are no excuses or reasons for me to be afraid. I have a Good Father, and I have an amazing leader Theresa. I am safe, and I am anointed to act in obedience. As a result, my breakthrough became others’ breakthrough.

Often times, the one thing that we are afraid of the most is the one thing that carries the most breakthrough, for us personally and for those around us corporately. As Kris Vallatton says, “The dogs of doom often stand at the doors of destiny.” In other words, our destiny is often waiting just on the other side of our greatest fears. Once we choose to face and overcome them, we begin to step into our full identity and calling. My prayer is that I never allow fear to dictate what I do or don’t do again! If we live like this, truly nothing will be impossible!

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