Day 6 in Switzerland: Intimacy & Healing

Wednesday, October 28th


We had a luncheon and creativity seminar for pastors from around the area. Cydney and I arrived earlier with our hosts, so I began to play on the keys and we worshiped for about half an hour as people arrived. When Cindy found out that I played keys and sang, she asked me to lead worship. So I led worship for the first time on this trip. It was a simple set, just me on the keys, but it was so enjoyable. There wasn’t much time to prepare, but I felt great peace as we pressed into the Presence of God.

Worship is one of the greatest pleasures on earth. When I’m on the keys and singing, I feel God’s presence so close. I remember someone once prophesied over me saying, “Your piano is your prayer room.” I’ve found it to be true. Each of us connects to God differently. I’ve discovered that the easiest way for me to connect with God is through worship, especially when I’m sitting at a piano. For some reason, whenever I play the piano and worship, I feel elevated to an otherworldly reality; my spirit is transported to heaven and His presence becomes tangible. Truth becomes so much easier to grasp, and eternity no longer seems so far away.

Of course, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Worship is also spiritual warfare. There is battle for our attention, and the devil knows how powerful we become when we enter into our calling as worshipers. He’s working overtime to steal our worship and steal our time. I pray that God continues to draw me away with Him, as I run after this one thing. Not many things, but one thing: “…That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple” (Psalm 27:4).


That evening, we went back to Oron and held a creativity seminar for worship leaders and pastors from around the area. This was the last meeting that Cydney and I were a part of on this ministry trip.


Before the meeting, Theresa had given me a heads-up that tonight we were going to go after physical healing through singing, so when the time came, she had everyone in the room stand up who had physical pain or sickness. I then released a corporate prophetic song that went something like this, “Thank you, Jesus, ‘cause you’re a happy Jesus. You love it when your children are happy. You love it when your children are healthy. Thank you, Jesus, ‘cause you’re a happy Jesus. I release healing and wholeness, restoration.” There were a few people in the room who were instantly healed. We continued to pray for the rest of them who had pain in their bodies.

One of them was the pastor’s wife, Edith. She had pain in both of her elbows and in her hip. I placed my hands on her elbows and prayed the first time; nothing happened. I prayed a second time, and this time I sang. All the pain left! We were both pleasantly stunned. I then went to another lady who had pain in her right leg. This time I sang the first time. All the pain was gone! I was amazed. God was really building my faith for healing through prophetic arts.

At the same time, I was practicing what it meant to “release my spirit” when praying for someone. I remember in first year of BSSM, Leslie Crandall had shared this story. She went on a ministry trip with Bill Johnson, and during ministry time they would each have incredibly long lines of people waiting to receive healing or prophecy. After many meetings like this, Leslie felt super drained, and she decided to ask Bill what his secret was, since he didn’t seem to get tired from praying for so many people. He said, “I just release my spirit. I don’t strive for anything. All I do is release Holy Spirit over them, because He has everything that they need.”

I’ve discovered that it really does work! When I pray or sing over someone, I actively release my spirit, and I can feel a flow being released through my arm into the person’s body. Then I know that they are being healed. It becomes easy, and not something that I need to strive and labor for.

At the end of her message, Theresa wanted to share my song “Reformers.” First, she asked me to come up and share about my journey of taking risks. After a minute of thinking, I responded, “For me, my journey of taking risks has mostly been about discovering my identity. I used to think that God didn’t want me to be great, that I was nothing special, and the best thing I could do was try to fit in with everyone else. When I discovered that God actually wants me to be special, great and unique, that’s when I began to use the gifts God had given me to bless others. Taking risks is not about proving myself to anyone, but it’s about doing these things because I know who I am.”

The song “Reformers” was birthed in a season when I was learning to use and activate the gifts God had given me, and that includes songwriting. No one asked me to write this song. Theresa had no idea I would go home and write a song inspired by her message that night, but I did it because that’s part of who I am. God gave me this passion to influence the world through music, so that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t need to deny my dreams, and I don’t need to prove my worth. I just need to be me. As the famous saying goes, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

That concludes the highlights from my Switzerland ministry trip. I tried to limit it to moments and events that carried spiritual significance and had educational value for myself and, hopefully, to my readers. I hope that you were encouraged by the testimonies, and perhaps you were able to learn from some of the things that I learned on this trip.

Once again, I am so grateful to God for the opportunity I had to go to Switzerland with Theresa Dedmon and the rest of our team. It was amazing, and I really did fall in love with the country. God was so faithful and present on this trip, I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting, challenging or growing experience. I know God will bring me back to this place. His heart is overflowing with desire and passion for the Swiss people.

May God continue to release the fire of revival over Europe and the rest of the world! He is doing a new thing, whether it is with art and music or with prayer and worship, signs and wonders. God is moving, and it’s just the beginning!

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