Hi! Thanks for checking out my website! My name is Melody Hwang. Yes, Melody like the music. Easy to remember, right? I’m a singer-songwriter and producer. I write songs that range from worship music to Christian pop and love songs, and I compose in both English and Mandarin, since Mandarin is my second language. I am ABC (American Born Chinese), born and raised in the States. Bay Area is my home, although I will soon be moving to Kansas City in Missouri to join the International House of Prayer, Forerunner Music Academy.

In 2015, I released my debut album called “SUDDENLY.” With the help of my friends and community all over the world, we raised over $20k in less than a month, something I still find incredible and fills me with gratitude. I co-produced the album with Luke Hendrickson, who is the live stream mixing producer at Bethel church in Redding, CA. (You can find my album “SUDDENLY” in both English and Chinese on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and all the other usual places.)

Before “SUDDENLY,” I had been composing and producing since I was 13-years-old, when I started playing the piano again and experimenting with recording software. After graduating high school, I went into full-time ministry at Forerunner Christian Church, where I was on staff for five years as the worship ministry and Prayer Room coordinator. I co-wrote my very first Christmas musical for the church in 2012 and helped produce the FRCC Music studio album “從未見一位 (Never Seen Another Like You).”

Since then I’ve taught songwriting workshops in the US, Asia, and Europe. I continue to compose and produce from my home studio, posting videos on my YouTube channel of covers and original songs. A few years ago I did a 40-day creative challenge where I posted a song video every day, and recently I challenged myself to a 10-day love songs challenge in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

I’m in the process of producing a Chinese Worship album that will include some worship song favorites from the Emerge Youth Camp, such as “黑秀美,” “活水江河” and “因祢的愛.” Stay tuned to my album progress and get free downloads of all the new music I release by joining my patron community!

Thanks for stopping by!