Our Kickstarter Anniversary! A Look Back


A year ago on March 5th, 2015, we successfully funded my first Kickstarter project. Within 30 days, we had raised more than $20,000 to produce my debut album “SUDDENLY” (available on Bandcamp and iTunes). People from all over the world—U.S., U.K., Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Switzerland, and France—pledged their financial support to this project and helped to make my dream come true.

Today I would like to commemorate this journey and retell the story as I remember. For me, it was so much more than just a fundraising journey; it was an adventure and a discovery of God and of myself. But to tell this story, I need to go back even further. I want to start at the very beginning, when this dream of recording an album first started. Continue reading Our Kickstarter Anniversary! A Look Back


Encounters in Israel (November 2014)

It’s story-telling time!

Last year, around mid-November, I travelled to Israel for my first time, taking ten days of absence away from school. I went with a team from my home church to attend the first international “Homecoming” conference in Jerusalem.

During this trip, I experienced two “divine” encounters, i.e. supernaturally coincidental chance meetings with two very cool people. I love telling these stories, because they remind me of God’s goodness and divine orchestration. Each encounter felt like a kiss from God.
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City Service – Sowing Seeds of Salvation & the Father’s Love

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Two weeks ago, on a Thursday afternoon, I went with my city service Interactive Arts group to Spoon Me, a frozen yogurt store in downtown Redding, to bless the community with creative arts, e.g. art, face painting, balloons, and music. We set up a table outside of the store and started making arts and balloons. As the sun began to go down, we still hadn’t talked to many people yet. It was chilly outside, and few people had walked past our table.

I had been sitting down most of the time making signs for the table: “Free Balloons!” “Free Art!” When I was done with that, I decided to make one more sign. On the paper, I wrote in beautiful letters, “May I sing a song for you?” and decorated it with musical notes and treble clefs.

Earlier that afternoon, before we had headed out into the community, our group had gathered together to pray and share one thing that each of us wanted to be “activated” in that day, i.e. something we would challenge ourselves to do that would be outside of our comfort zones. I shared with the group, “I want to step out and sing over someone.” I added, “I also want to serve them in a way that really makes them feel special, because it’s not about me. It’s all about showing them God’s love.”

Having finished my new sign, with the words “May I sing a song for you?” printed on it, I got up from the table and decided I would hold it out in front of me and flash it in front of every person who passed by. No one walked by, but I noticed two men standing about half a block away from me. They were smoking in front of a bar.

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that mustard seed “sparkle”

This morning was BSSM registration day. The line was absurdly long, but fortunately I had the pleasure of meeting another BSSM student, Nathan, who stood in line next to me. He must be no more than 19 years old and had just graduated from high school. He shared passionately about his desire for God’s presence and power to invade in signs, wonders and miracles. I listened with rapt attention.

Nathan shared a testimony of a man who had broken his entire left side due to a motorcycle accident. His left shin was so shattered that doctors had to replace it with a piece of metal. He wore a half-body cast, and doctors told him it would take at least 3-4 months of physical therapy before he could start walking again. After a session of prayer and forgiveness—i.e. forgiving himself for the accident—he stopped taking pain medication and went to see his doctor, who told him that there was no more trace of metal in his shin but rather new bone had formed. A few weeks of physical therapy later, the man was walking on his own.

Another true story happened in Chicago during a Jesus Culture conference. Two ladies were walking around a neighborhood looking for people to pray for when they heard a blood-curdling scream from a house down the street. They quickly ran to the house, where a mother was grieving over her 3-year-old son who had just drowned in the bathtub. Paramedics were already at the scene performing CPR, but the boy was beyond rescue. The two ladies refused to accept it and started laying their hands on him and rebuking death to leave. Suddenly, the boy woke up and coughed out all the water. He was alive. He was raised from the dead.

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