This Thanksgiving, I want to share a special post on a special song that I think suits the Thanksgiving spirit, “Tender Heart” (aka “Thank You For Loving Me”). This post will be the first of my “Song Diary” Series, in which I will share the stories behind songs I have written.

I love how songs are capable of speaking to each person’s heart in such a personal way, regardless of how unique each person’s story is. Often, it is the mystery in the lyrics that lend to this effect. Each person is able to make their own interpretations of the lyrics to fit their own personal story. It becomes theirs, in that sense.

At the same time, I also appreciate learning about a song’s background story, e.g. who or what inspired the song, why did the composer write it this way, what does that line mean, etc. It is like taking off your sunglasses for the first time and seeing the world as it really is. You notice details and colors that you weren’t able to see before. The background story gives you a glimpse into the heart of the composer and reveals a whole new dimension of the song that you may not have appreciated previously.